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Tell Us How Many Herbal Body Wraps to Send Straight To Your Door—And Remember, Order 10 Wraps On or Before July 17, 2018And We'll Include FREE SHIPPING!

Want to Get an Even Better Deal? Then Order 10 Body Wraps For Less than $16 Per Wrap When You Order On or Before July 17, 2018!


Don't Worry: We Won't Even Deposit Your Money For a Full 45 Days!


45-Day "Empty Bottle Guarantee"

It only takes one application to see for yourself how our Herbal Body Wraps literally help you look and feel sexier—all in about one hour. Your body should continue to purge toxins and fat cells for up to another 48 hours—so the results actually INPROVE for the first few days! Then, you can expect to look and feel slimmer and sexier for a full 4 weeks after your body wrap!

But while we are certain that you will absolutely LOVE how our Herbal Body Wraps make you look and feel—YOU are the ultimate and final judge. So if you are not positively THRILLED with your results or if you are dissatisfied for ANY reason whatsoever, simply send us back any unused product AND your "empty bottles"—because we will buy them ALL back and issue a FULL, PROMPT, and HASSLE FREE refund, less s/h charges!

  • No Rude Customer Service Reps to Argue With!
  • No Questions Asked
  • No Guilt Trip
  • No "Refund or Processing" Fees of Any Kind
  • We Won't Even Deposit Your Money For a Full 45 Days!

You have absolutely NOTHING TO LOSE here except for those UNWANTED INCHES!

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Herbal Body Wraps by Life Force International are not intended for the diagnosis, treatment or cure of any medical condition. This website was prepared by an Independent Member and is neither approved nor adopted by Life Force International. For Distribution in the US market only.
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