Yes! Our Herbal Body Wraps Are Guaranteed to Make You Look and Feel Noticeably Slimmer and Sexier at Your Next Special Event—Just Like Your Favorite Celebrities on Oscar Night!

  • Look Slimmer and Sexier in as Little As One Hour
  • Each Wrap Effective for Up to 30 Days
  • 100% Guaranteed Results or Your Money Back
  • Less Than $20 Per Wrap

For years, celebrities and the elites have been going to expensive spas for body wraps to help them quickly shed inches and look significantly thinner and sexier for big social events—at a cost of $150-200 PER WRAP! But now you, too, can look slimmer and sexier in as little as one hour using our 100% All-Natural Herbal Body Wraps in the comfort of your own home—for less than $20 per wrap!!

Here’s the Science Behind the Herbal Body Wrap “Magic”

You Are Just 3 Steps Away From Looking Slimmer and Sexier at Your Next Special Event!

  • Step 1: Order Herbal Body Wraps
    (less than $20 per Wrap!)
  • Step 2: Add Herbal Body Wrap to
    Tub Filled with Warm Water
  • Step 3: Just Soak for About 1 Hour

That’s it! You don’t need terry cloth strips or to go to a salon to have someone apply the wrap (like with many body wraps sold on the market today)—you can literally sit back and “soak away” the inches in the comfort of your own tub! Plus, to increase effectiveness and look even slimmer, just soak in a pair of cotton thermal underwear (optional)!

If you have a wedding, family reunion, or want to look great in that new bikini when you go to the beach tomorrow—simply sit back and soak in a wrap the night before for optimal results! And remember—if you aren’t completely thrilled with the results, send us back the empty bottle and we’ll refund your entire order!

Bath SaltsHerbal Body Wraps help you look slimmer and sexier in just one application because they are made from a proprietary blend of 23 ingredients that first purge the accumulated toxins stored in the fat cells of our skin. The body cannot effectively eliminate these toxins fast enough on its own so they become stored in the fat cells of our skin.

Once the Herbal Body Wraps purge the toxins, the ingredients shrinking or eliminating the fat stores in your skin—causing the incredible slimming and inch loss that has only been available to celebrities and the wealthy—up until now.

Now, for less than $20 per wrap, you too can "glam up" for special occasions and quickly shed inches to look and feel "Noticeably Slimmer" in just one hour! But it doesn't stop there—you will continue to shed inches and look even slimmer over the next couple of days as the fat cells continue to shrink and be eliminated!

  • Detoxify Your Skin and Body in Just One Hour
  • Eliminate Stored Fat Deposits
  • Less Than $20 Per Wrap
  • Effects Last for Up to 4 Weeks
  • Naturally Increases Energy Levels
  • Look Slimmer and Sexier For Any Special Event

Each Order Is Fully Covered By Both Our "Straight Pricing" and Money Back Guarantees!

Straight Pricing Guarantee

We fully understand that there are a lot of companies out there promising “great deals” but who then turn around and “pile on” by adding on hidden charges, delayed billing, etc. These hidden fees can quickly transform a “bargain” into a true financial nightmare especially any continuity or delayed charges are tacked on!

That’s why every Herbal Body Wrap customer is absolutely guaranteed:

  • Absolutely NO Rebilling For Any Reason—It's Not Even an Option!
  • NO Hidden Fees of Any Kind!
  • Zero Processing Fees!
  • No Delayed Charges of Any Kind!

What You Pay Today is All You'll Ever
Pay Unless You Come Back and
Order More!

100% Money-Back “Empty Bottle” Guarantee!

Herbal Body Wraps are made from a proprietary blend of 23 powerful All-Natural ingredients scientifically proven to eliminate stored toxins in your skin, shrink or eliminate fat cells, and help you look “Noticeably Slimmer” after just one Body Wrap.

Quality GuaranteedIf you don’t look and feel “Noticeably Slimmer” after just one body wrap or if you are dissatisfied with your results in any way, you are fully covered by our 60 Day Money-Back “Empty Bottle” Guarantee. Simply return your empty bottle of Herbal Body Wrap for a full, zero-hassle refund. You are either fully satisfied with the results or we’ll refund your purchase—so you have nothing to lose except some unwanted inches!

Herbal Body Wraps Help “Kick Start”
any New Diet or “Supercharge” The Results of an Existing Diet!

"I love the product, and think it is great."

"I’ve used the herbal body wrap a total of 3 times within about 1 1/2 months. The total weight I have lost is 9 pounds, and total inches I have lost is 21. My weight was 127, now I weigh 118 pounds. I love the product, and think it is great."

--Patricia Defoor, Alabama

Make no mistake: The Herbal Body Wrap is NOT a long-term weight management system nor is it designed to produce long-term weight loss—and ANYONE SAYING OTHERWISE IS LYING. We know there are LOTS of companies out there promising permanent weight loss but this just isn’t true.

However, our Herbal Body Wraps DO help purge toxins and shrink or eliminate fat cells in just one application to immediately help shed inches and help you look Noticeably Slimmer and sexier for the next 4 weeks. That means Herbal Body Wraps are perfect for purging toxins and helping kick-start a new diet or even “supercharging” the weight loss of an existing diet—guaranteed or your money back!

  • "Soak Away" the Inches!
  • Look Slimmer and Sexier at Any Special Occasion!
  • Less than $20 Per Wrap!
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back!
  • Significantly Boosts Energy Levels!
  • Results Last for Up to 4 Weeks!
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“Don’t Be Fooled—Mineral and
Seaweed Body Wraps Are Not the

Become the Envy of Friends and Family at Your Next Special Event!

For significantly less than the cost of going to the hair salon, you are 100% guaranteed to look slimmer and sexier at your next special event—or you can send back your empty bottle and we’ll refund your money! Our proprietary blend of 23 ingredients are scientifically proven to purge toxins and shrink or eliminate fat cells so the guaranteed inch loss isn’t magic or marketing hype: It’s Science.

So take the first step towards being the envy of friends and family alike at your next social event…

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